Treating a cough the natural way – it works – I think…..

My eight year old daughter – she of the chronic (scary) upper respiratory infections -currently has one of her now few annual colds. I have written about her in the past – to recap, as a baby and young child, she had the most frightening cough you have ever heard. Crowd stopping, heart wrenching, never ending; I would try every remedy under the sun – expectorants, suppressants, antihistamines, humidifiers, popsicles, bowl of water on the radiator, window open at night (in the middle of our icy winter – bbrrrr), the list goes on. Various diagnoses ensued – no allergies but an asthma diagnosis (I think incorrectly) and on came the inhalers and nebulizers. Nothing worked. I spent many nights with my head under the pillow as she hacked through the night (yet she remained asleep she was so used to it I think) because there was nothing I could do and nothing helped and I couldn’t bear to listen.

Here we are, a few lears later, and guess what – she has basically grown out of her winter-long coughing ailments (I am knocking on wood right now). Of course it’s not a complete miracle, when she has a cold she still has a cough, I mean still the crowd stopping COUGH, but it’s limited to once or twice a year and lasts a week or so.

So that’s where I am now. Completely without confidence in cough medicines, I read that honey is more effective than cough syrups (disclaimer alert – I am not a doctor – if cough medicines work for you and your family – continue doing what you are doing and god speed. Also, I read that babies and small children should not have honey). For the last cold she  had and this one, a few times a day (after school, before bed, and in the morning) I make her a “hot lemonade drink” as she calls it. I mix a half a cup of warm water, 2tbs honey, and juice from half a lemon. She loves it and I swear it helps.  I am sleeping with my head on top of the pillow and she is quietly sleeping – no hacking.

Do you have any success with treating your family’s illnesses with home remedies?

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