Computer is your co-pilot this Valentine’s Day!

So, I’m sure some of you out there are like me – and tend to leave your Valentine’s day preparations until the last minute. Don’t panic! Check in with me these last few days before the 14th, for some fast, easy Valentine’s day tips for the whole family.

I think giving electronic gifts on Valentine’s day is great. A card is something romantic, that you can keep forever – but we’re honestly getting to the point where we can keep anything special on a computer forever too. E-Gifts and E-Cards are a sweet, green way to give romance in the digital age.

Finding just the write traditional card on Valentine’s Day can be a huge challenge, especially if you are helping a young shopper choose one for his or her mom or dad. Kids’ can be the toughest critics, parading you up and down the greeting card aisle until you’re blue in the face. Sometimes they get so worked-up, they do strange things to your own Valentine’s day schemes. Here’s a cool, creative option sure to give even the pickiest kid a huge kick, and bring even the hippest mom or dad to happy tears: visit and get your kids’ favorite drawings transformed into mini-movies for free! Ask your kids draw their own Valentines Day cards for a hilarious, romantic, tour de force. It will even be set to music.

Of course, some of us have pet-kids too. I always feel terrible leaving Baloo alone on Valentine’s Day, even though I know it’s silly. There are Valentine’s Day treats made especially for pets out there, even pet chocolates – but some of them are really expensive. Baloo usually gets a few extra table scraps instead. I think sometimes we enjoy giving the gift more than the pet enjoys getting it. What can you do? Pet people love their pets. Why not make use of that in the Valentine’s Day greeting to the pet lover in your life? Try for an environmentally friendly, e-card option. Simply post a picture of your pet, and record a personalized message (I like to use the funny voice I imagine the pet would use if it could actually speak). Next thing you know, your pet will be animated, and delivering your best Valentine’s Day poems and prose. Don’t worry. No one needs to know you are feeding Fluffy her lines …

Note that while both of these make great kid Valentine’s day options, sappier folks like me, would think it was awfully adorable to receive from a grown-up person too!

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