My Wild Child

After struggling for the past 4 1/2 years with my picky eater son, I’ve started to think his eating habits might be part of a larger problem.  Recently, his preschool teacher suggested we have him evaluated for learning disabilities.  I must say I wasn’t surprised to hear her suggestion, as my motherly instinct has told me that something about my son is a little off.  However, what does that mean, a little off?  On the other hand, he seems pretty normal, but being the mother of only two kids, I am no expert.

The teacher says she will ask him to do things and he just stands there for a minute thinking about it before he will eventually join the other kids.  So he’s a bit slow to get moving.  I could see him standing there and I would interpret this as his deciding whether or not he wants to do what she is asking him to do.  Or, she’ll ask him to cut in a straight line with scissors and he’ll go and cut on another point on the page.  I keep thinking, he’s just not following her instructions. She thinks I am missing the reality.

So we had him evaluated by the school district and they were wonderfully informative people.  Two doctors and specialists watched him for a bit and determined he was a completely normal child (well, for the most part), but a bit slow when it comes to processing information.  On all other levels-speech, motor skills, etc, he was fine.  They call it a learning “difference” not “disability.”

While I was relieved to hear that there is nothing “major” wrong with my son, the fact remains that his behavior is quirky at times.  He will occassionally throw mega tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, he clearly gets frustrated and confused at times, and to me, he seems very young for 4 1/2.  I am terrified of what kindergarten will bring!

I thought I’d throw this out on the blogs just to hear from other parents and your experiences.  Sometimes I see how my son is and I think, well I’m kind of that way too.  I have to read things five times sometimes before I get it, I can’t multi-task too well and so on.  Maybe he just needs to learn a bit differently than your average kid.  But is that such a bad thing?

One thing I am going to try, however, is limiting his sugar intake.  For the most part, he is an extremely gentle and loving child.  But occasionally he has a meltdown and at this age, I would think we were past those.  I have a feeling that these occur after he has some really junky sugar treat, like candy.  I know that when I have too much sugar, I have a high and then a real low.  Imagine what it does to a little body.

Anyway, curious if any of you have had children who seemed a little off but not enough to concern professionals and how did you handle it?


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