The story of Lent and recipes to see you through the holy days

You may be wondering what the eating and fasting rules are for Lent and how things have evolved. Regarding the history of Lent, according to the Catholic Education Resource Center,

“The rules of fasting varied. First, some areas of the Church abstained from all forms of meat and animal products, while others made exceptions for food like fish. For example, Pope St. Gregory (d. 604), writing to St. Augustine of Canterbury, issued the following rule: “We abstain from flesh, meat, and from all things that come from flesh, as milk, cheese and eggs.”

Since then, the guidelines have evolved and changed, while people are still encouraged to give up something for Lent as a sacrifice.

Whatever rules your family lives by, these recipes will hopefully help you have a pleasant, delicious Lenten season:

Shrove Tuesday (you can still have meat at this stage, but omit the sides if you wish):

Ash Wednesday and Friday meat-free seafood suppers:

Delicious vegetarian meals for meat-free days:

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