My new bling

Hey kids, hope everybody had a happy Valentine’s Day-I know I did and I’ll tell you why. I got a new ring and it is a beaut!

So here’s the story- I usually take off my wedding rings when I am cooking with messy ingredients like ground meat. I get my hands all sticky and gunky from forming meatballs or burgers, which if you follow my cooking shows, is much of the time! You can say my rings have definitely taken a beating! Now, if I actually remember to take them off before I dive in to a bowl of food, I tend to leave them places, like on my set. My husband, meanwhile, is terrified I am going to lose them so he bought me something I have had my eye on for some time-a simple band of black diamonds. It doesn’t have anything sticking out of it so I won’t get it caught or break it while I am using my hands, as I do for a living. It’s nice and smooth and flat, and the pretty diamonds go all the way around. He chose black because not only are they unique, they are more affordable than white diamonds. He also surprised me on the set of my daytime show with flowers-did you catch that? I’m a lucky son of a gun. So you are probably wondering what I did for him…

First of all, I confess, I had a feeling I might get the ring. But just in case, I knew I still wanted to look at black diamonds because I like them so much, so I bought him a black diamond man bracelet. It was made by the same designer who did the ring, so now we match.

We happened to be traveling on the actual Valentine’s Day for my next round of travel shows for Food Network. We went to one of my favorite cities-New Orleans-and tried an amazingly good restaurant called Stella.This restaurant, located in the French Quarter, was awesome and I feel lucky I was able to try it. John had the chef’s Kim Chee tasting appetizer that had a variety of different pickled vegetables -some recently made and some aged. It came with a Kobe beef tenderloin. My meal was divine as well, but I am not going to spill the beans on any more of the juicy details-you’ll have to wait for the show to air on Food Network! But if you are ever in N’awlins, try Stella for sure!

Did anyone catch any of the South Beach action?

XO Rach

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