What would you do with a free hour?

Today a rare thing happened.  I found myself in my house.  Alone.  My husband took the kids over to a neighbor’s house and left me home to do whatever I wanted.  This doesn’t happen often, or really ever.  If I am without them, it is usually because I am running an errand, working or cooking.  So guess what I did with my free time?  I vacuumed!  I started to clean the house, set the table for dinner, get a start on cooking and then I stopped myself and took a deep breath and sat down to surf the internet a little and just let my mind go.  I realized that we all need to take a little time to just think and not rush around or stress out.  It is a lesson I will try to remind myself of from time to time.  Curious, what would you do with a free hour?

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