In a dinner rut? Ask your kids…

Last week I found myself in a dinner rut. My seven year old daughter – the pickiest eater of my three kids – asked each night what was for dinner and was not pleased with my answers. Actually she asks for doughnuts for dinner each night – and it’s not like doughnuts are a regular food in my house but this gives you an idea of her idea of a perfect meal. Help.

Anyway, I asked her to write down ten (at-home) dinners she enjoyed – doughnuts not being a valid dinner – and rank them. The list was actually really helpful and I posted it on the refrigerator. Here is her list:

1. Breakfast for dinner

2. Chicken

3. Pizza

4. Pasta

5. Burgers

6. Hot dogs

7. Fish

8. Dumplings

9. Tacos

10. Peanut Sauce

Now that I have her top ten, I have lots of room for interpretation. In my world, tacos can be baked enchiladas, fajitas, or tacos with any filling – ground turkey, fish, or chicken. Homemade pizza can be topped with broccoli and chicken. Breakfast for dinner can be quiche, and peanut sauce can be used with pasta, steak or chicken. Now if my daughter squawks at the dinner on her plate and resists trying something new, I can direct her to her list. If you have a picky eater in your home, I highly recommend they create their own top-ten dinner list. And no doughnuts.

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