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Wooden Cutting Board Care

Hello Cleaning Lady –

Can anyone tell me if there is some kind of special oil that is to be used for wood cutting board ???

Thank you,


Hi Lorrie –

Mineral oil should be used to care for your wooden cutting boards. Before initial use, slightly warm the mineral oil (do not use vegetable or olive oils as they will turn rancid) and rub into the board using a cloth. After a few hours, rub off any oil that has not been absorbed. You may want to apply a few coats. If you use the board frequently, you should repeat this process every few months, or when the board gets lighter in color.

To care for your cutting board, wash with mild dish washing soap and hot water and dry immediately to avoid cracking or warping. If you notice any cracks, you’ll have to throw anyway the board because bacteria can get trapped in the crevices. Also, you should always use separate boards for protein and produce to avoid cross contamination.

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