Saving up for the tooth fairy

Warning: this blog is for adults only.

Ok, now that we are clear this is an adults-only blog (don’t get excited, we are talking the tooth fairy, nothing racy) – what IS the tooth fairy’s going rate? When I was little, it was a quarter, but I do remember getting a dollar once – just once – and I felt I truly hit the jackpot. I thought a dollar was fair, yet my kids come home from school with tales of kids who get $5, $10, even webkinz from the tooth fairy. One family at their school is infamous as the tooth fairy brings $50 – yes, five-zero dollars – for each child’s first tooth. Now come on.

Our tooth fairy was leaving a dollar for each tooth to our kids early on, yet they are less than thrilled. This is clearly on the low end of the scale in their friend universe. We held strong, however, and only broke down and had the tooth fairy leave two dollars if it was a particularly harrowing tooth-losing experience (lots of blood, swallowed tooth, etc.).

Last week my seven year old daughter lost one of her front two teeth that had been hanging on forever so she was particlarly excited for the tooth fairy to come that night. Guess what? The tooth fairy forgot. (Side note: this was a particularly harrowing morning at our house as we had our first lice scare – another blog altogether; we got a late night call from another family notifying us that they had lice and my older daughter had spent the previous weekend with them sharing pillows and hairbrushes with the lice victim – the morning of the forgotten tooth fairy was spent applying toxic shampoos and scouring the entire house). Admidst all the chaos, the tooth fairy had to leave $5 (she didn’t have change) that morning in a new secret place my daughter had neglected to check. Hope the tooth fairy has not set a $5 precedent – our family has a lot more teeth to lose!

How much does your tooth fairy leave?

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