Spring Cleaning: Get those rust stains out!

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Oh my gosh. If you have rust stains on stone, tile or marble, even porcelain. You HAVE to try this…It’s amazing!

My terrace is kind of a no mans land, I don’t have any plants there since I am not so super good at taking care of them and I am out of town a lot. And since my apartment is only on the 2nd floor it feels a little too close for comfort to the sidewalk strollers by.

But this year I decided to turn over a new leaf. This summer I want my backyard to be an oasis of foliage. I plan to get garden furniture, it has to be small scaled since we are not talking sprawling garden here, an outdoor ceiling fan and a little table for game playing.

So first things first. It was time too clean! As I moved old plant stands with dead plants and other crap that had accumulated on my terrace, I noticed, to my horror…rust stains. (insert psycho music here).

So first I scoured, the web that is, tying to find a no nonsense rust removal technique. Then I pieced one together from a bunch of online advice.

I got a lemon and a pumice stone from the bathroom. That’s it!

I guess the pumice is abrasive enough to take rub off the stain but not too abrasive so as to scratch the tile…and we all know the bleaching power of lemon juice.

So I went to work scrubbing. Minutes later the stains were gone. Seriously, the stuff was like magic. And on top of that, the solution was totally non-toxic. Now you can eat off my terrace floor!

Let me know if this rust stain recipe works for you.

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