Miley and Me

I never thought I could relate to a 16-year old so well, but then I met Miley Cyrus.  I just had to blog about how cool this girl is.  She’s only 16 years old but she’s so smart, funny, self-effacing, full of integrity and confidence, yet still a kid.  I feel like it took me 40 years to learn what she already knows!  I have so much in common with Miley and her father, the great Billy Ray, a true romantic!  Here are some of my favorite Miley and me similarities:

We both love horses, in fact you know I’m a crazy animal lover.

We both hate it when people try to take our food away before we’re done eating…like when you are out to eat or at someone’s house for dinner and they clear the plate-hello?  I’m still eating!

We both love sweats.  I love my sweatpants and wear them all weekend.  And I loved that Miley says she wears hers big so she can eat more-me too!

And her dad, another animal lover, sounded like me in so many ways.  He’s a manic list-maker, worrier, needs to be in control, and I love that he always has $10 on hand for lunch.  I do the same thing, except for me it’s $50 because I live in NYC!  Anyway, these guys make a cool duo and I had a blast meeting them on my daytime show this week.  Show airs today!

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