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What kids know about protecting the environment – a lot!

Kids are the future. And smarter than we often think! I recently sat down with my soon-to-be nine year-old daughter and asked her a few questions about protecting and preserving our natural resources to see what she knows about this very important topic. The good news is that kids today are exposed to the importance of protecting the environment starting at an early age and this information comes to them everyday – at school, on TV, at home. Hopefully, armed with knowledge and the belief that everyone can make a difference – no matter what age – this next generation can help preserve our natural resources, and our planet!

Do you know what the term “natural resource” means?

Yes. It’s like, everything living on the planet – like grass, soil and dirt.

Why should we do things that help save the earth’s natural resources?

So lots of animals can live and we don’t want our earth to be dirty and gross. We want plants and animals to live.

What are some things you can do to protect natural resources?

Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. When you leave a room, turn off any electronicals (author note: must be a third grader’s term). Don’t litter. Don’t smoke.

What does recycling mean?

Throw away bottles and cans so you can use them again instead of throwing them in the garbage. And recycle paper so you can save trees!

Why is this important?

We can help keep the earth clean (comment by five-year old brother who interrupted the interview)!

Recycling paper helps save trees and you can use anything again so you don’t use too much stuff.

What are some things we do in our house to recycle?

We recycle paper, the newspaper, my spelling tests, my old homework, and bottles and cans.

Do you learn about protecting the environment in school?

Yes – mostly in my social studies. In school last year some people came and talked about keeping the earth clean and not polluting and recycling.

Besides school, where else do you get your information?


So next time you sit down with your kid, try giving them this interview and see how much they know.  You may be surprised-they may teach you a thing or two!

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