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This Earth Day, now more than ever, it seems like Green is everywhere.  And I love it! Honestly, I think it is about time that we spend some energy trying to figure out how to minimize our negative impact on this lovely planet of ours.

But with the media bombarding us with so much that is Green, it’s hard to judge the really cool, Green ideas, from the ones that don’t quite hit the mark, and the Green ideas designed to save you cash, from the ones that end up costing … too much green.  It is for this reason that I donned my most comfortable outfit and headed to the Go Green Expo in NYC.

The Go Green Expo was started by a good pal of Rach’s, Bradford Rand, and he’s managed to assemble quite the diverse collection of Green businesses in his latest convention.  Here’s the scoop on the ones I thought were the greenest of the green, or the coolest of the cool.

The first thing that really tickled my fancy was this terrific green brewery, based out of Vermont.  Not sure why alcohol always tickles my fancy, but hey, as Rach says: “it’s always 5 O’Clock somewhere…”

This startling fact blew my mind about America’s favorite brew:  the average non-green brewery uses over 7 gallons of water to produce one gallon of beer.  Long Trail Brewing Companies’ “Eco Brew” only takes a little over 2 gallons of fresh clean water per gallon.  That’s a huge difference.  And man is this stuff tasty!  Highly recommended.

Then I stumbled past the booth of this terrific company that is all about healthy living for our furry friends:  Animals Healing. They basis of their company is massage and acupressure for dogs – as if my pets weren’t spoiled enough already!  But seriously, massage can have tremendous impact on your pooches good health, just as it can for ours.  I may even try it out myself on Baloo.  Amateur acupressure on my cats, I’m not sure about.  Knowing them, it wouldn’t t be such a great idea for MY health.  On top of the body work for dogs, the folks at Animals Healing  offer a curious product called Snooks Sweet Potato Dog Chews. I was roped in by the sign that read “tested on humans”…cute.  Anyway I bought a sample bag, and when I got home my supposedly 100% carnivorous dog went nuts for this vegan treat.  Apparently it’s much better for her than the rawhides I sometimes buy, which can gum up in doggie tums.  A must try.

I also came across a service I WISH I had in college. The company name is Dorm-Sweet-Dorm, and the concept is a food/care package delivery service that assembles some of the best organic and all natural snacks under the sun. This is one fool proof way to stave off collegiate hunger, keep teens healthy and maybe put them off from gaining that freshman 15.  Or freshman 20 in my case.  I was doing alright until I learned to make instant rice crispy treats in the microwave…

Go Green also thrilled me and touched my heart strings by including an example of one of the Food Network’s “Good Food Gardens” at the event, a project done in conjunction with Slow Food Nation and Share Our Strength. These little gardens are donated to deserving communities and unprivileged schools around the country. I thoroughly dug this idea, and so did Bradford.

On the techie front, there was an amazing array of solar powered cell phone and laptop chargers that left me drooling.  I can’t help but love a gadget.  Apparently, many of these can actually capture energy from the sun and transfer it to little receivers, no bigger than Snickers Bars, that can hold their charge for up to a full year!  Important, so you don’t have to hold your laptop out the window to charge it up.  Whew.

There were also a TON of cool products made from recycled paper.  One company, Seltzer, had these awesome little 100% recycled notebooks with the most kicking graphics on them. I loved this one that said, “More Coffee,”

with an artsy skull and cross bones number to represent that piracy of piracies – caffeine deprivation.  Reminds me of what I feel like first thing in the morning before I get my first mug of Eight O’Clock Coffee!

Oooh, and check out this cool hand bag made out of old Eight O’Clock Coffee bags!

Really, some of the paper at Go Green was incredibly wild.  There was paper made from elephant dung – I thought this was an expo, not a trunk show, haha! – and paper embedded with wildflower seeds.  Throw it in the dirt, and it biodegrades into fields of flowers.  A perfect medium and end for love letters, especially if you and your significant other live in cramped NYC apartments like I do.  Doesn’t get much greener.

And if you have kids, you’ve got to check out this cool company called Cardboard Designs. They create all sorts of amazing products out of recycled cardboard, including this incredible itty-bitty teepee that I just HAD to test out!

But it’s really impossible to detail the scope of the Go Green Expo in one blog.  The green movement is as big as our whole planet after all.  So, If you have the chance, definitely swing by the Go Green Expo when it is in your neck of the woods. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.  Whoever you are, and whatever your budget, you’ll find the perfect thing to add a little more Green into your life, and a little more life into our Green Planet.

The next Go Green Expo is in Atlanta June 26th – June 28th!

Happy Earth Day!

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