Girl Scout Cookie Madness

This year marks a milestone in my house-my daughter sold her first box of Girl Scout cookies as she is now a Brownie.  The truth is, she called my mother and I asked my co-workers and friends and we sold a respectable number of boxes.  Of course I had to buy one of each for our household and finally I decided it was time for me to choose my favorite Girl Scout cookie.  So I lined them up (see above) and took one bite of each.  Here’s the guide:

If you have the same kind of circumstance I have, with your dining room table filled with these cookies, I am interested in hearing what your fave is.  Here were my choices in order of best to worst:

1) hands down, head and shoulders above the rest: Samoas

2) no shame in second place: Tagalongs

3) I’ll eat one once in a while: Do Si Dos

4) When I’m in the moods, these are pretty good: Lemon Chalet Cremes

5) Okay if there’s nothing else: Thin Mints

6) Not as good as I had hoped: the new Dulce De Leche

7) Maybe if I were diabetic I’d be happy about these: Sugar Free Chocolate Chip

and finally, let’s see what kind of Girl Scout you are-which one is missing from the table???

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