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The Best Gifts for New Moms

Being a mom for the first time can be overwhelming enough, so if you’re looking for a good gift for a mom-to-be, give her something she can actually use. We asked our veteran moms what they used most in those first few weeks after childbirth and here’s what they said:

  • A huge, soft, bath towel.  After childbirth, the body aches all over the place and is going through tons of discomfort and change.  The last thing anyone wants is binding clothing, and a big, huge, plush towel is a great idea for mom to wrap herself in when she gets out of the shower.  A little softness will go a long way.  Why not make mom feel even more special by monogramming the towel so everyone knows it’s hers!  See these ideas from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • A stylish robe. New moms want to feel comfortable, yet stylish because there is no regular routine in those first few weeks after mom comes home with the new baby.  Moms might want to lounge all day in jammies or sweats and have a nice soft robe to pull on in case the doorbell rings with unexpected visitors.  Also, a robe sends the message to the world that mom is not up to her usual self just yet so make your visit quick and let her get some more rest!  Lands’ End has some great choices for robes and sleepware.
  • Good baby and momhood books.  Dr Sears’ The Baby Book is an essential guide for the first year for answering questions like when do you call the doctor if your baby is showing signs of illness or how much medicine to dispense.  There are opinions in the book that may not be for everyone’s taste, but the book is loaded with helpful advice.  A fun read for mom is The Girfirends’ Guide to the First Year of Motherhood.  Vicki Iovine will allow mom plenty of chances to laugh at things that might otherwise feel abnormal or frightening, half the time simply because they are new experiences.
  • A big sweater or sweatshirt with pockets.  Get mom a huge, cotton sweatshirt or depending on the season, a huge fleece or wool sweater with plenty of pockets where she can store pacifiers, keys, teething rings, and all of the baby items that need to be handy and always around when taking a walk around the house or the block.
  • Indoor/outdoor slippers.  Who doesn’t need a good, study pair of slippers with treads?  Mom might be carrying a million things in her arms so make sure these slippers fit like shoes so she doesn’t fall down the stairs.  If they have real bottoms, she can run outside with a bag of trash and not have to necessarily change her shoes.  There’s a website called onlyslippers.com that has loads of choices.
  • Hair accessories.  Give mom something she can throw on if she wants to face the public but doesn’t have time for a shower and her hair looks crazy.  A good hair band or accessory will help her hide these little imperfections and feel beautiful!  See Urban Outfitters’ selection.
  • Mani/Pedi/brows.  See if you can get someone to come to mom’s home and give her an in-home manicure or better yet, pedicure.  She will feel luxurious and thank you for this little treat that she couldn’t otherwise do on her own.
  •  Skin care products.  Breastfeeding moms especially tend to dehydrate more than usual so it’s a good idea to give her a natural salve to help stay soft and keep skin healthy.  Gilden Tree has shea butter products and other lotions that are organic.
  • A hand!  Sometimes all mom needs is someone to come over and hold the baby so she can take a shower or lie down and not have to worry.  Offer your services for a half hour at a time.  She’ll tell you if she doesn’t want any visitors, but either way, she’ll appreciate the offer.

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