My kid wont eat ANYTHING!! Well, except…

I have a picky eater son, as you know if you read my blog. As he gets older, he seems to drop more and more foods off his list of acceptable choices. I try to sneak in the “healthy” alternatives like brown rice instead of white, but he is hip to my game now and gives me a tight lip when I try to sneak a bite into his mouth(maybe I should try half and half next time). However there are a few healthy versions of foods that still seem to work and really do taste good.

Nitrate-free products like Applegate Farms Organic Chicken Hot Dogs and Chicken-Maple Breakfast Sausage.

These products are widely available and taste great! They have a beef and a turkey hot dog as well, but the chicken is our favorite. So I don’t really care if my son eats hot dogs regularly, as long as he is eating these. They don’t hold up so well on the grill so my advice is to boil them.

Almond butter, but it has to be creamy. I made the mistake of trying the chunky kind, which I really enjoy, but he found frightening. Almond butter is a nice alternative to peanut butter and you can find organic brands in health food stores. Mara Natha has a “No Stir” kind which is great because it never gets that oil/nut butter separation that I can’t stand!

Healthy cereals instead of the sugary kinds. He actually loves Kashi’s Heart to Heart and so do I. I love the ingredients, which includes a variety of grains and low sugar. I seem to be able to sneak in some of the high fiber cereals into his day, as he eats them without milk sort of like a snack. I really like the Kashi products because you can find them everywhere.

Spelt breads and other products that contain no wheat or gluten gives him a variety of flavors but in a product he enjoys, like toast or bagels. I choose Rudi’s Organic products so I know he is not getting bread that contains corn syrup or other additives.

What do your picky eaters like?

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