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There are only so many events in a child’s life that happen just once, and while you will celebrate at the time it happens, you will want to remember it forever.  Don’t get caught saying, “I wish we had that on tape” or “I wish I had kept that,”  Now you can preserve your memories and special occassions with these keepsake items.

Losing a tooth

Losing baby teeth, especially the first one, is a momentous occassion. Your child will only wear that cute, toothless grin for a few weeks or so and this truly marks the end of the baby years. To preserve the memories and the teeth, you can browse through the Tooth Fairy envelopes from many websites such as




Pixels Plus Paper.

More envelopes from Etsy.com

School Kids Health Care actually sells envelopes with educational messages on them like “brush twice daily” and “visit your dentist every six months.” They make these messages fun and cute, not stuffy and boring. A child of 5 or 6 might actually read these notes and instill these good habits at an early age. 

If it is a keepsake box you are after, they range from cardboard to pewter and everything in between. A few sites to check out include: Chasing Fireflies or Living Playing who carries a simple and inexpensive box.

A pewter box from Chasing Fireflies

Ultimate Tooth Fairy has a customizable pillow that you can design yourself and personalize with your child’s name. The reverse side of course has a pocket for the tooth and a place where the fairy can leave her reward. While this is a practical item and fun for the child, it doesn’t register on my list of great keepsake ideas as there is no means of preserving the teeth. 

Baby’s first haircut

I saved a curly lock of my daughter’s hair in an envelope somewhere and now, six years later, I have no idea where it is. I wish I had thought to buy something special for it, as it was the most perfect, beautiful red curl. I remember my own mother hanging on to my hair for a long time, long enough for me to hold it as I got older and compare it to my hair color then (ahem, not the same). A few sites who carry boxes and other means of storing baby’s first curls include: BabySakes.com , The Silver Gallery and Shower Your Baby.

Curl boxes from BabySakes.com

Red Envelope has one of my favorite baby keepsake items ever. Someone gave this to me when my first child was born and I really did do an imprint of her hand in the cement and I took a photo of her very first smile which is in the frame along side her hand print. I look at it every day when I wake up and I smile at the memory.

Gifts.com is a site that combs the internet to look for ecommerce sites with the best items in certain categories. So if you go to gifts.com’s page on baby keepsakes, it will show you a variety of choices, including preserved baby shoes (mine were bronzed), quilts, cups, blankets and photo frames.

And if you don’t really want to make a big fuss by purchasing silver or gold, you can always remember these momentous occassions with a personalized photo album from shutterfly.com or, if you are a Mac user, through iPhoto. I find the iPhoto option to be extremely easy and, in case you decide to order more books later and you somehow crash your computer (this happened to me), they save them for a number of weeks so you can reorder through them directly.

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