Tooth fairy, what do you charge these days?

Warning!  Don’t let any kids under the age of 15 read this post!!!  Adults only!!!

Okay now that I know I am writing for adult eyes only, I can be frank.  Today my 6-year old lost her second front tooth.  Very exciting moment in our house as it was hanging on by a thread and now with that tooth out of the way, she can “look like Kayleigh,” which are her words, not mine.  I promptly took the tooth and placed it in this little envelope with her name and the date and stuck it inside another envelope and told her to stick it under her pillow.  I got these cute envelopes from a store near my office but you can find some online at a place called (are you ready?) (see photo above).

No more front teeth!  A momentous moment in our home

There are other related envelope products online and you can even find a form so you can print your own.

More envelopes from

A company called Chasing Fireflies has a whole page of tooth fairy related items, mostly boxes, but even cute t-shirts for the toothless child to wear, or these upscale pewter tooth fairy boxes which are real keepsakes:

A pewter box from Chasing Fireflies

Magical Omaha offers you a whole elaborate letter that you can leave the child from the tooth fairy, explaining the magic of the stolen tooth and what it’s all about.

I love all of this stuff, I really do, especially the keepsake items that I can only hope to not lose and pass on to the next generation.  To me this marks a moment in time that I always want to remember and of course will only happen once (well, 26 times but once per tooth).

The burning question is…how much dough to leave???  I always got a quarter, as far as I can remember.  These days, I am hearing of kids getting 5 and 10 dollars, and one kid I know got $100 from her uncle as an extra pay day!  One child told me she gets more for the bigger teeth and less for the smaller ones, which I guess aren’t as painful to lose.

Whatever happened to the good old quarter?  What does your tooth fairy leave your child when they lose a tooth???

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