Back to school-am I the only unorganized mom?

My son starts kindergarten tomorrow and I don’t know if I should smile proudly, cry or pull the grey hairs out of my head because it makes me feel old.  Either way, he is excited, but I can tell he’s a little nervous, and truthfully so am I.  He will be going to public school where, you are pretty much on your own from the time you start at age -are you ready-4!  He’s not even 5-my baby!  I know his teacher because she taught my older daughter, so I feel pretty secure with his situation, except for…you guessed it…lunch!  If you read my blog you will know that this boy is the pickiest of picky eaters and getting worse by the day.  It used to be that I could sneak and organic, nitrate-free chicken hot dog onto his plate but now that he’s older and wiser, he takes one look and asks for the “real hot dogs.”  Can you blame him?

So here’s what’s stressing me out-what do I pack him for lunch?! It’s an unsupervised setting so I have to give him something he can easily handle-no difficult tops or cans.  I know he can handle this: hot dogs, crackers and peanut butter, apples, carrots, milk, juice, and the list pretty much ends there.  Of course I am not including the junk food he would be happy to consume at lunch time and which I refuse to pack or only in moderation (cookies, snacks).  He needs a good lunch, especially since for him, kindergarten goes from 8:15am to 3pm!

What do you pack your little ones for lunch?  Here are some articles we put together on the site.  I am hoping some of them will help me:

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Lunchbox recipes from Rachael Ray and others

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What do you give your kids???  I obviously need all the help I can get!

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