Candy Control and Alternative Halloween Treats for Trick or Treaters

The countdown is on to Halloween and I am putting together my candy strategy, both for my own kids and trick or treaters. I love candy and I love Halloween but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the amount of candy my kids bring home. Sidenote: A lifelong candy glutton, I am the adult who as a young child (age five or six) ate my entire Halloween bag full of candy that night after returning form trick or treating and you can imagine what happened next.

When it comes to my kids, I have had success with controlling candy consumption and disbursement. First of all, before they even head out on Halloween night, I make sure they have a good dinner so they aren’t wolfing down candy on an empty stomach as they race from house to house, munching on candy on the run. Next, I go through their candy with them when they get home from trick or treating, let them have a few pieces, then I take it away (after my husband and I take our favorites – shhh). I let them have 2 pieces after dinner for as long as it lasts and it’s a win win; their candy lasts and I don’t have to make dessert for a few weeks. No upset stomachs here so far, knock on wood.

As far as trick or treaters, this year I am contemplating giving out a non-candy item – do these kids really need more candy? I have noticed that in the rare instance when my kids have brought home a fun non-candy item in their trick or treat bag, they are psyched (with the exception of the toothbrushes the dentist down the street hands out) . Here are some alternatives to typical candy tricks or treats:

  • stickers
  • tattoos
  • hot chocolate packets
  • balloons
  • sugarless gum
  • 25 cent coupons (Dunkin Donuts and other restaurants)
  • natural fruit snacks or leather
  • tiny toys like tops, super balls, etc. (Dollar stores and party stores have huge inexpensive bags of these)
  • pencils
  • erasers

Wish me luck – Happy Halloween!

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