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I hope that you guys got a chance to check out today’s Ultimate Tip-Off, Holiday Edition! It was so great to be introduced by Michael “Let’s get Ready to Rumble” Buffer. It was seriously one of the best things ever, and winning the tip off wasn’t half bad either, Brooke Peterson was a worthy opponent though!!

If you didn’t get a chance to see it you can see some of the backstage tip filled footage here!

Unbelievably, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, geesh, time really does fly! So I wanted to pass on some no-nonsense, easy peasy Thanksgiving decor ideas. Here goes!

– Create vegetable pillar candles with double stick tape and some of your favorite veggies, green beans, asparagus & artichokes

– Use corn husks to cover bud vases or votive candle holders

– Decorate the entrance to your home by using pumpkins stacked on one another with your house

numbers on them. You can either carve the numbers into them or push nailheads or buttons into

them. Try pumpkins in colors other than orange for something more unexpected.

– Fill a beautiful bowl or smaller votives, I tried it with a silver plated one and wood one, with a

mixture of whole bean coffee and nuts and put votive candles in them. The warm of the candles

exudes the scent of the coffee.

– Use wine glasses to create a centerpiece, put the glasses upside down with a little bit of fall

leaves inside, then stick a votive candle on the stem – OR- Use the glasses right side up, stick a

tapered candle in each one and put nuts or beans around the candle to hold it up, run these down

the table or across the mantle for instant impact!

-Purple cabbage can make a gorgeous centerpiece, just furl back some of the leaves and tuck

flowers into them, try flowers in colors that coordinate.

-This is a fun idea for using Jello in an out of the box way, mix jello with 1/2 the amount of

water and stick flowers into semi firm jello then re-refrigerate. The result is stunning, this one I did for August issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray, but in a fall color would look just awesome!

-Create herb covered votives, all you need is a glue gun, rosemary, bay leaves and beans to

create these deliciously foodie candles. 

Check out the video of me and Jorge Cazzorla of Celebrate Flowers creating some of these!

Herb Votives from on Vimeo.

– Stick asparagus into little pots filled with beans for a clever and easy centerpiece.

-Create this super simple table decor ideas with one bouquet of store bought flowers, tall thin

glasses and dry beans.

-You can make just about any vegetable into a vase or candle holder, group them together on a

large serving tray for maximum impact.

-Tirered trays can be a wonderful framework for beautiful holiday centerpiece. Fill each tier

with ornaments in Thanksgiving colors, acorns, nuts and sprigs of herbs. If you don’t have

tiered trays use plates in three different sizes with cups in between.

What are all of you doing for Thanksgiving? Let me know what some of your holiday tabletop ideas are!



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