Spanish Cuisine

Rachael cooks foods from all over the world and makes it easy for you to do the same with ingredients you can find at your local supermarket.  Try these easy riffs on Spanish cuisine.

Rach’s take on Paella, called Rach-aroni Paella (pictured to the right) gives you a great short cut option to this classic Spanish dish! The key ingredient is saffron.

Quick Potted Spanish Chicken uses traditional Spanish herbs and chile to spice up this simple chicken and rice dish.

Try Spanish Pork Chops with Linguica Corn Stuffing and Wine Gravy (pictured above) This recipe comes from Rachael’s cookbook, Book of Ten, available in stores now.

Spanish Tapas make great appetizers for parties or small plates for a light dinner.  Try Spanish-Style Wrapped Prawns with serrano ham or Chorizo Pan-Roasted Potatoes or Chapata, stuffed bread.

Sunset Orzo with Spanish Shrimp (pictured above) made with saffron and paprika.  Delicious and easy.

A great dish for Mardi Gras is

Smoky Red Rice and Chorizo with Black Beans

Cod and Chorizo and Almond-Green Bean Rice makes an easy weeknight dish.

Chicken and Chorizo Romesco with Spanish Potatoes and Kale

From the burger lady herself, Rach gives us Spanish Burgers with Manchego and Chorizo Hash Browns

Delicious Spanish Shrimp and Chorizo Skewers with Especial Couscous (pictured) incorporates sweet paprika, chorizo, almonds and pimientos.

Orange Sherry Mushroom Caps make a great side dish, especially when served with Spanish Fish in a Sack.

These recipes all go well with Savory Spritzers!

Photo credits: Tina Rupp

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