Flying Through the Air with The Greatest of Ease

Last week I conquered a big fear that I didn’t even know that I had! I conquered my fear of the trapeze, and I did it with the style and panache I have rarely seen in myself. It was one of those days when I thought to myself, you know what, “I am pretty damn cool”. We all need those days.

TD Bank, my bank, and America’s Most Convenient bank “(seriously, it is). Threw this event at New York Trapeze School to promote their checking accounts. If you sign up for an account and do 8 debit card transactions and 2 bill pays and you get a FREE FLIP CAMERA. Not too shabby. So I went to the event to try out this whole trapeze thing, not really to hear about the checking account. I am already a convert, it was the whole “bank is open until 8pm” thing that sold me. Here was the invite.

There are several trapeze schools in New York City. I know it’s weird. But the New York Trapeze School happened to have some of the hottest staff, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Naturally you want to impress the uber fit instructors, but their hotness could be intimidating.

It was an unseasonably hot day, 95 degrees in the shade no joke, and I picked that day to walk miles, from 58th and 2nd to 30th and 11th, those of you who know New York know that is one heck of a haul. By the time I got to the trapeze school I was exhausted and I felt like I could pass out from heat stroke. It was that bad.

But I got suited up. I put on a TD bank T shirt and a harness that they cinched around my waist so tight that I squeeled. Safety First.

I put my name on the list next to the number 10, hoping that would buy me plenty of time to build up my courage. But, no such luck, so many folks were terrified by the trapeze that they never signed up. Which bumped me up to lucky number 5.

For some reason I was remarkably calm about the whole thing. Maybe it was all those years growing up in the city and watching Barnum & Bailey trapeze acts. I kinda new in my mind’s eye what I needed to do, the test was, whether I would actually be able to do it.

Here we are in our Superman Stance. Apparently this is very important. Hips out, shoulders back. But doing this dangling your toes 25 feet in the air proved to be more than a little scary.

Climbing the ladder was stage one, I kept telling myself “don’t look down” it worked!

Here is the semi advanced move I nailed on the first try, the “knees hooked on the trapeze, dangle down to the ground position”

And here is the catch! I didn’t put enough chalk on my forearms so I was slipping out of the catcher’s fingers. I don’t think he had to worry about me letting go! I had a death grip on this guy.

On top of conquering the trapeze I also won the Flip Camera!!! Here I am getting my Ultra Flip for TD’s Ryan Bailey. Seriously I have never won anything in my life. This was such a thrill!

And check out the video of the event. My trapezing is the grand finale!!

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