My LAST day in Paris!

When I woke up this morning, I knew I wanted to get high, so we headed to the highest area in Paris, Montmatre. On the top of the hill is the incredible Sacré-Cœur Basilica The view from this church was outrageous, all of Paris was laid out before us. It was amazing. Along with the incredible view we also saw one of the most bizarre street acts I have ever seen.

Check it out the video below and you be the judge.

After these two girls completed their grand finale which included audience participation from 3 unsuspecting guys including one painfully shy teen boy, we gave them 2 euros because it was just that bizarre. Then we took off down Montmatre and through one of the what I think is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Paris.

There in Montmatre we stumbled upon the garment district of Paris. I was in heaven! Fabrics of all colors and fabrics, patterns and textures. One store that we went into, Reine, had miniature models decked out in little outfits made with their fabrics. It was 4 floors of crafty eye candy, if I didn’t have to pay for my extra baggade I would have stocked up. Some of my favorites were their wide assortment of madras, their unbelievable toiles and of course, their French lace. It’s one of the thingsthe French are famous for, and some of their handmade lace cost upwards of150 euros a yard!

The streets are lined with fabric and notion shops, and one of the ones we stopped by had a whole wall of buttons, grouped by color and stored in tubes, I think I may give this a shot at home. It looked so beautiful!

For lunch we headed to Le Cafe Tournesol in the Montparnasse district of Paris. It was a neighborhood spot with people hanging out outside drinking beer and chatting. Inside the place was artfully designed and super charming. I had a pasta dish, not sure what it was honestly, it wasn’t THAT memorable, but we had a great time hanging at this local spot.

After our lunch we headed to the Bon Marché. The Bon Marché is the offspring of Sax Fifth Avenue and Whole Foods. Seriously. You can pick up an Oscar De La Renta getup and som Prociutto in the same store! Leaving it to the French for making high end shopping strangely efficient.

What struck me about the Bon Marché was not that you could carry your frozen turkey into your dressing room while you are trying on a 700 Euro dress, BUT that they had an “American Foods Aisle”. Actually, it makes perfect sense. We have, in our grocery stores, Asian food aisles, even European aisles, but it was so interesting to see what the French at the Bon Marché considered “American Food”.

After shopping from some good Ole American treats, we met up with Cat’s friend Kelly at the Prescription Cocktail Club in the Isle Du Cité. The décor was beautiful, almost oppressively now and hip. It’s the kind of place I actually try to avoid in New York City because I am allergic to the 14 dollar cocktail. But somehow, in Paris, this place was downright charming. We had a stiff cocktail each that bled us dry of Euros but that we were able to milk while we had long conversations about everything from men to crappy jobs that we have had. A great time was had by all.

A rain storm caught us on the way out, a perfect end to my Parisian vacation.

But, before I left Cat and her beau Olivier took me to see the Eiffel tower. However in proper fashion, we headed to the top of a building under construction to get to this view of a lifetime.

I will always have Paris. And so will you!

Here is a link to my photo album of my last day!

Here are some links for all that I stopped by that I LOVED and would recommend.

Fabric Stores

Le Cafe Tounesol (The Sunflower Cafe)

9 Rue de la Gaîté,

75014 Paris

Prescription Cocktail Club

23 rue Mazarine

(passage Dauphine)


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