S’more Cupcakes

My kids’ school had a Fall Picnic this past Saturday and my husband was out of town for the weekend. I had forgotten I had signed up for the bake sale and with three soccer games for three kids in two hours and two locations scheduled for Saturday morning (I needed a clone), I had no time to make, or even buy, anything special that morning. I rustled up some emergency cake mix and canned frosting from the pantry (phew) and made regular old cupcakes, that were desperate for some flair.

My daughters, lovers of s’mores, helped me come up with these S’more Cupcakes, which were a huge hit. We crushed some graham crackers, which we then sprinkled on the frosted cupcakes with a few chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Sure, the marshmallows were melted and stuck together and we had to pry them apart; they were not the perfect marshmallow shape, but no one noticed. It also started me thinking on other easy cupcake toppings like gummies (one fish, butterfly or heart would be cute), one Oreo, a Hershey’s kiss, etc. The possibilities are endless; I think I found my new regular bake sale item…..

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