Where’s Cookie? Introducing a new puppy to the cat….

My friend recently added a new puppy to her family; she has three kids and a cat (oh, and a husband too). The cat, Cookie, is a relatively new member of her household; as she likes to say, Cookie, a former stray, adopted her family, rather than the other way around.

Cookie was managing to survive a bitter winter last year and would come to my friend’s door and camp out in her yard. Her daughter started leaving food out for Cookie, and despite protests of not being “cat people” they adopted him. Cookie is a survivor and enjoyed lead pet status for a brief time before his world was rocked when the puppy entered the scene.

Cookie and the puppy have now been under the same roof for a few weeks, and Cookie has taken up residence in the (unfinished) basement. It’s been my experience that when a cat is the first pet, they will establish dominance over a puppy pretty quickly, and the relationship develops from there. My friend thinks that maybe because Cookie survived by running and hiding when he was a stray, he sees the puppy as a threat and is returning to his old ways of the street.

She has tried keeping the puppy under control and calmed on a leash while her daughter attempts to let Cookie get close, but he flees nearly instantly. Should she get rid of Cookie? Please post any advice you may have. Save Cookie!

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