No Carve Pumkin Ideas for the Little Ones!

Pumpkin carving is not for everyone, especially the little ones! So here are some out of the box pumpkin decorating ideas that the kids will LOVE, no knives required!!

Paint Your Pumpkin! – You can create all sorts of pumpkin looks with a few paint colors and some brushes. Acrylic paint works best, but if you want washable go with a tempura paint.

Decoupage Your Pumpkin!

– Decoupage is just a fancy French word for gluing pictures on to something. And that technique can actually turn any pumpkin into a work of art! Cut strips of tissue paper or pictures out of a magazine and use Elmers Glue or Mod Podge to stick it all together! Glitter is a great addition, too!

You can create all sorts of funny faces by cutting out eyes, ears noses and mouths from magazines and then sticking

’em on your pumpkin with a glue stick!

Dress Your Pumpkin – Cut patterns from craft foam to make funny faces or other designs and use craft glue to adhere them to the pumpkin. Use cheese cloth or gauze to wrap around a pumpkin to create an instant mummy!

Decorate with Ribbon – Create simple, fun and sophisticated pumpkins using leftover ribbon! Just wrap them around your pumpkin and attach them with glue. The look is fun and funky, especially when you do a whole bushel full. This is a great project to use small pumpkins with!

Last Step

– Always remember to seal your pumpkin! Use a clear spray sealer (sold in hardware stores usually with the spray paint) all over the pumpkin.


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