Win A Rachael Ray Orange Christmas Tree!!!

Ok, first things first. Treetopia, makers of some of the funkiest Christmas Trees is giving away a 6’ Rachael Ray orange Christmas Tree to the fan who posts the funniest holiday story on my Facebook Fan page. You can link to it here. Judging ends on Thursday, December 9th so post your stories soon!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas on how you can decorate your tree in a fun, colorful and meaningful way this season!

Create a “Family Tree”

Photocopy pictures, glue them to silver paper, and frame them with rickrack and other trims to turn your Christmas tree into a family scrapbook.

Use Unusual Materials as Decorations

I just LOVE this tree with cotton balls as ornaments. Just the cutest!

Go Classic!

I love the classic red and white on a bright green tree, it’s just beautiful! You can even use origami to make your own ornaments, all you need is paper, patience and a little time.

Pink and Silver

The silver tree is a swanky mid century classic and I love it with pink ornaments. so fresh and fun!

Use A Ladder

I just LOVE this alternative to the Christmas tree, just grab a ladder and put a string of lights and ornaments around it, top it with a star and you are good to go!

Use Your Shelves

I think this is SUCH a cool idea, use magazines and books in bookshelves to create your own makeshift tree. So creative!

Good luck everyone!

Here are some fun Christmas tree facts:

  • Christmas tree was decorated for the first time in Riga (Latvia), in the year 1510.
  • In the year 1979, only the top of the National Christmas Tree was lighted in the US, in the honor of the American hostages in Iran.
  • National Christmas Tree Association gives a Christmas tree to the President and first family of US every year.
  • National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the White House was started by President Coolidge in 1923.
  • Scotch pine, Douglas fir, Noble fir, Fraser fir, Virginia pine, Balsam fir and White pine are the most popular Christmas trees.
  • Teddy Roosevelt had banned the Christmas tree from the White House because of environmental reasons.
  • The first Christmas tree was placed in the White House in 1856, by the 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.
  • The tradition of using small candles to light a Christmas tree dates back to the mid-17th century.
  • There are more than 21,000 growers of Christmas tree and more than 12,000 cut-your-own-tree farms in the US.

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