Protecting your home from your holiday party

I love having holiday parties at our house , but I am left with some momentos I would rather not have. A red wine stain on our decorative upholstered chair. An antique chair that is meant for decoration was sat in – and left with a crack. A soot stain from a bathroom candle left burning too close to the wall (we got lucky there). I have lived and learned when it comes to preparing our house for a holiday get together. Here are some things we now do to protect our house from a holiday party:

  • Welcome mats. Place a mat both outside your door and inside the door so guests have plenty of opportunity to wipe off their shoes – especially important when it’s snowy.
  • Clear it out. We always move the furniture against the walls, and take anything valuable or any extra chairs, plants or lamps upstairs and out of the way. We like people to be standing around mingling at a cocktail party, not sitting, so this is a good way to encourage it and save furniture from being spilled on or knocked over. Take a look at the traffic pattern of the party while you are setting up and make sure it’s clear for people to move around, and there isn’t any furniture, electric cords, or plants that could serve as obstacles.
  • Remove all valuable knick knacks. We have a lot of little crystal and porcelain knick knacks displayed around our living room that get boxed up and out for the party. If you have something you don’t want broken, save yourself the worry and remove it for the party.
  • Table cloths are your friend. Whether you use paper or cloth tablecloths, this saves your tables from spills and glass rings. To keep the look classic and festive, use the same color table cloths throughout. Inexpensive red paper tablecloths from the grocery store look great.
  • Forget the flames. Candles provide wonderful ambiance, but are messy and potentially dangerous. Spilled wax or knocked over lit candles are just two possibilities. There are some great battery operated candles out there that come in all sizes and shapes – votives, tapers, etc. These are reasonably priced and provide the same effect as the real thing.
  • Clean throughout the party. Do a quick walk-through periodically and pick up empty glasses, plates, napkins etc. to save on clean up later and clutter now. Place a few waste paper baskets throughout the party so guests don’t leave trash sitting about.,
  • Have fun! With prep work ahead of time, you can make sure you enjoy yourself and your house comes through intact.

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