Safe holiday car travels with your dog

The holiday season means traveling by car to loved ones for many of us. If you are a dog owner, you wouldn’t think of celebrating the holidays without your pet. There are some important steps you need to take to make sure the journey is comfortable – and safe – for your dog, and you!

  • Bring a blanket to keep your dog comfortable and protect your car from any mess. If your dog is attached to a special toy or other item, bring it in the car to keep him occupied and content.
  • Don’t feed your dog for at least 3-4 hours before you depart to hold any motion sickness at bay.
  • Invest in a collapsible/travel water bowl so your dog can stay hydrated.
  • Plan to stop every 2 hours or so for bathroom breaks and some play time. Map out your route before you leave to plan accordingly.
  • Bring a leash to control your dog in busy parking lots. A ball or fetch toy of your dog’s choice is a good idea to maximize your break time.
  • If you need to stop overnight in a motel or hotel, plan ahead and make sure pets are welcome. Check out this great website for nationwide listings of lodgings that are ok with pets.
  • Bring a portable kennel to give your dog some comfort in his temporary surroundings – and out of consideration to your hosts.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a check up at the vet prior to a trip to make sure your dog is ok to travel. Also consider having your dog micro chipped by your vet, if he isn’t already, for identification purposes.

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