Ten reasons I love the Magic Eraser

The Cleaning Lady typically sticks to using natural products for cleaning projects as much as possible – vinegar, baking soda and lemons being the three favorites. There is one product on the market I have been using for years that is truly a miracle – the Magic Eraser. If you haven’t used one before, it is the strangest product as it is dry, you wet it, squeeze it out so it is nearly dry again and rub it on walls, the floor, counters, and other surfaces to remove pen or pencil marks, scuff marks, splattered food stains and other hard to remove substances. You reuse it until it falls apart – which can be a good amount of time. The best thing about the Magic Eraser is its ability to take care of old stains, which I used to give up on, having been raised in the “if you don’t get to a stain within 60 seconds you’re a goner” school of thought.

Here are ten reasons I love the Magic Eraser:

1) One step cleaning. No rags needed, no buckets, no spray.

2) Cleans up red wine from my kitchen counter a day after it’s been spilled.

3) Oh, and cranberry juice too (see number two).

4) It took two year-old crayon “art” off my play room wall.

5) With some elbow grease, it even worked on the dreaded black Sharpie on the wall.

6) It works like a charm on my kitchen cabinets which are painted yellow and attract grease, spaghetti sauce, and other unwanted food particles and drips.

7) My husbands’s scuff marks from dress shoes on my pergo floor? Takes two seconds to remove.

8) It’s also available generically and I have had success. You can try Wal-Mart’s brand or the Dollar store often has two for a dollar. You can also cut them in half or into thirds to stretch.

9) No chemicals are in Magic Erasers because they clean by a physical process, not a chemical one. They are made of melamine foam. When you rub a dirty spot with a Magic Eraser, you’re essentially sanding away the dirt. As you rub, the eraser’s foam disintegrates. Keep in mind that this is a microscopic abrasive so when in doubt, test a spot first.

10) They also work well in the shower and bath – leave one in there and wipe down after each use, cutting down on weekly cleanings.

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