What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

I have always wanted a ricer, but when I am in a kitchen store, I never remember to buy one so I continue on,  ricer-less. Supposedly once you have a ricer, which is basically a giant garlic press for potatoes, you will never make mashed potatoes without one again, as they are ridiculously light and fluffy. But I will never know.  Here are some of my favorite kitchen tools, which I do own, and use weekly if not daily:

Garlic Peeler. This probably looks ridiculous to many of you, as I realize it’s just as easy to smash a clove of garlic with the flat side of a chef’s knife, but I have been using mine to remove the peels from garlic clovesfor over 10 years and I am addicted (available at

Sheet Pans. What don’t I cook on a sheet pan? Cookies, roasted veggies, bacon (with a cooling rack thrown on top of the sheet pan so the grease drips away), meatloaf, the list goes on (available at

Skinny Spatula. These are great for turning pancakes, french toast, eggs, removing cookies from cookie sheets, and flipping fish (available at

Meat Mallet. I might not use this every day. but it’s essential for flattening chicken breasts, pork chops, and steak. I used a wine bottle for years until my friend gave me the mallet for my birthday one year and it’s been bliss ever since. Added bonus – it’s very therapeutic to pound away on some boneless chicken breasts in a plastic bag – my kids like to use it too (to help with dinner, not pound each other, although they like that too) (available at

2-Tablespoon-Sized Coffee Scoop. I am in a hurry for my coffee in the morning and 3 of these full of coffee + water up to the 6 cup line = happiness (available at

High-Sided Saute Pan. I treated myself to this abut two years ago and felt very grown up when I made the purchase. I cook everything in it from pasta sauce to chicken breasts, it’s non-stick and it goes from stove top to oven (available at

Immersion Blender. Hallelujah for this item, which saves on dishes, my least favorite thing about cooking. It also saves on extra steps as rather than pouring the hot soup into a blender (and the top inevitable flying off) to puree, you stick the immersion blender right into the pot of soup and voila (available at

What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

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