Easy Flowers for Containers or Pots

Now that the snow has finally melted, gardening season is upon us. I think a lot of us would love to have a full garden but don’t have the space and/or time. An easy way to beautify your home is by planting flowers in pots and other containers to give your home’s exterior a pop of color. However, it’s sometimes hard to know which flowers will work best for you and the sun your area receives. Here is a quick and easy guide to some of the most popular container flowers:

Easy Flowers for Sun/Partial Shade:

  • geranium
  • angel’s trumpet (poisonous-use caution with children and pets)
  • bellflower
  • lobelia
  • candituft
  • celosia
  • marigold
  • nasturtium (don’t fertilize or it won’t bloom)
  • phlox (the annual type)
  • salvia
  • snapdragon
  • sweet alyssum
  • petunia
  • balloon flower
  • blanket flower
  • bee balm
  • ornamental peppers
  • african daisy
  • sweet pea
  • verbena
  • vinca
  • zinnia

Plants in sunny spots need daily watering. Do your watering at night so the plant can absorb the water, rather than evaporating in the sun. Also, when planting anything, follow the directions regarding how far apart they should be planted – you will be tempted to squish more in the pot than recommended but don’t do it! Your flowers will not thrive as they will have no room to grow.

Easy Flowers for Shady Spots:

  • impatients
  • coleus
  • begonia
  • fuscia
  • pansy
  • lisianthus

Some of my favorite flowers are ones that can’t tolerate too much sun. I learned the hard way one summer as my imapatients withered up and died despite near-constant watering on my sunny porch.

Some flowers can be brought inside once the weather turns cool. Be sure to spray plants with pest spray prior to moving to keep outside critters outside where they belong. Once indoors, fertilize regularly and give them some bright light. Plants that do well inside include:

  • geraniums
  • marigold
  • ornamental peppers
  • fuschia
  • impatients
  • coleus
  • begonia

Happy gardening!

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