Popular Summer Herbs?

Dear Cooks:

What are the five most popular summer herbs? I want to try an herb garden this year.


Barb in Connecticut (via Facebook)

Dear Barb –

Check out our Herbs and Spices Guide for info and recipes featuring the gamut of herbs, but to answer your question, here are our five favorite summer herbs – we are pretty sure they are among the five most popular:

Basil. Sliced garden-fresh tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of EVOO means summer to us.

Thyme. Thyme is lemony and aromatic and great with grilled chicken, fish and in egg dishes.

Italian Parsley. Like a classic strand of pearls, Italian parsley provides the perfect finishing touch to any dish and immediately dresses it up.

Mint. Mint grows like a weed and is great in sweet and savory dishes from Iced tea to grilled meats and fruit salads and salsas.

Oregano. Fresh oregano is a strong flavor that is widely used in Mediterranean dishes like Greek salads, grilled pizzas, pasta salads and in lemon-based marinades for grilled chicken and veggies.

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