Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

My neighbor called me one day last week to ask if I wanted to go to the park down the street for a puppy party. A puppy party? A woman around the corner was having a doggie get together in honor of her dog’s first birthday and all the neighborhood dogs were invited. Her kids hand wrote invitations and delivered them to neighborhood dog owners. At the party itself, there were “games” for the dogs (i.e., balls and frisbees being thrown), popsicles for the kids and doggie goodie bags for the canine party guests with a bag of mini treats, a kong toy, and one big doggie treat, complete with a “chocolate” dip (not real of course) and a bow. Totally cute.

Then I was talking to a friend last week who has a geriatric dog like mine, and she told me how she was just hoping he made it to his 100th birthday later this summer (which she is considering his 14th birhday if you consider one human year equal to seven dog years) for which her family was planning a huge doggie bash.

Now I feel incredibly guilty as we don’t even know exactly when our dog’s birthday is (we know it’s in early July so we designated the fourth of July his birthday) much less ever having a formal celebration. I got to wondering about how many people DO celebrate their dog’s birthday – do you? My dog is thirteen, I think we need to have a belated celebration this week!

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