Popsicles – no fancy equipment required

My friend has a very fancy popsicle maker that my kids have been raving about for months. I haven’t seen it, but it sounds a little complicated, with multiple steps involved. The “maker” is basically a blender – or “smoothie maker” as they call them these days.  I grabbed these popsicle molds at Target for under $2 (on clearance) and my kids have been loving making their own popsicles, no expensive appliance required – we already have a blender.

Here are some of my kids’ favorite home made popsicles:

  • Chocolate milk – a home made fudgesicle.
  • Lemonade (store bought or from a mix). They like to throw a raspberry or two in each or chopped strawberry.
  • Smoothies. Strawberry, banana, orange juice and yogurt is the current favorite, but you can omit the banana, add more berries, or use any berry you have on hand. Also banana, peanut butter, plain yogurt or milk and ice with a drizzle of chocolate syrup is also delicious.
  • Any fruit juice, straight up. Apple, orange, mango orange, and grape have all been enjoyed frozen on a stick.

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