You’ve seen these photo coasters everywhere! You can get them at pretty much any gift shop but they are way easy to make and make a terrific gift for Mom, for a wedding shower or to send with the kids off to college (so they don’t forget what their family looks like)! Here is what you will need:

Materials Needed

Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper

– Ink Jet Printer and Computer

– Scissors

– Bowl with water

– Clear acrylic spray finish coat (I used Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic in GLOSS)

– Coaster set (I chose these marble ones because I love the way they stack in their little container), you want to select coasters that are light in color so the pictures turn out brilliantly

Step By Step

Step 1:

Measure the diameter of your coasters if you are doing round ones or the dimensions if you are doing square ones.

Step 2:

Resize your images to 1/2″ less than the full size of the coasters, this is important because if you go from edge to edge you have more of a likelyhood of peeling.

Step 3:

Print your images on to the Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper . Try to fit as many images on one page as possible, this paper ain’t that cheap!

Step 4:

Cut out your images carefully.

Step 5:

Put your images into a bowl filled with water. Leave them in there for a few minutes, you will notice the transfer start to separate from the white backing.

Step 6:

Slide the decals over to your coasters and center them, it sometimes helps if you moisten the coaster too. (Here are all of the ones I made for my mom, they are all photos of me and her over the years).

Step 7:

Let the coasters dry completely, if some of edges curl up (sometimes they do), no problem just wet them again and press them down. It sometimes helps to dry them under something a little heavy like a book.

Step 8:

Spray them with your acrylic clear coat. Make sure to spray them a little bit at a time, you can always recoat. And keep your spray can at least 12″ from the coasters. If you put the clear coat on too thick you won’t get a smooth finish

Step 9:

Air dry your coasters, making sure that there is not too much dust in the air and in 30-40 minutes you have your finished coasters! After 24 hours they are completely cured and ready to use!

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