How do you dispose of old cooking grease?

Grease happens. Whether you are frying bacon or chicken, you are left with a hot mess. Do you ever wonder what exactly you are supposed to do with it? Save it? Toss it? Freeze it? Here is the scoop on disposing leftover cooking fat or oil:

  • Do not pour down the drain. I repeat, do not pour down the drain. It will eventually solidify and clog your pipes and drain. Yuck.
  • You can let the grease cool and pour into an old mason jar or coffee can and toss in the trash.
  • If you don’t want to waste an old container, place it in a bowl or other container, freeze or let harden in the fridge, and then scoop out the grease into a plastic bag (double bagging is a good idea) and toss in the trash.

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