My kids love Jell-o, any and all flavors.  In yet another attempt at getting my son to eat fruit, I recalled something so simple that my mom used to do-add fruit to Jell-o!  My dad used to always complain that my mom never made him Jell-o and that he loved it.  I think he liked the fruit but I can’t remember.  If you add some fresh whipped cream to the equation as well, and jazz it up in a parfait glass, what kid wouldn’t love it?

All you do is prepare Jell-o per the instructions on the box.  Once it begins to set, after an hour or so, you add some fruit.  You don’t do this off the bat because it will just sink to the bottom of the bowl.  Once it begins to set it will float a little better.

While investigating the latest in the evolution of Jell-o recipes, I came across this one on the Kraft website that involves another one of my guilty pleasures, Cool Whip.  I don’t think this recipe would work with freshly whipped cream, which is what I normally make, but that may just be my excuse for buying Cool Whip!

Fast Fruity Delight

courtesy of Kraft foods

ADD boiling water to 1 pkg. (3 oz.) JELL-O Gelatin in large bowl; stir 2 min. until completely dissolved.

STIR in 2 cups frozen fruit until gelatin starts to thicken. Add 1/2 cup gelatin mixture to COOL WHIP; stir with whisk until blended. Spoon into 4 dessert cups; cover with remaining gelatin mixture.

REFRIGERATE 15 min. or until firm.

The cool thing about this recipe is you can pick any frozen fruit you like and any Jell-o flavor you like and it all works!

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