Goodbye Summer Color, Hello Fall!

Summer is ending and by now that beautiful sun kissed hair is looking a little brassy and tortured.  It’s not quite time to transition to those rich fall hair colors. There are some easy solutions to segway through September.  Rebecca Tame Zimmy, Cutler 57th Street senior colorist has a few tips on making this transition as painless as possible!

We’ve all had exposure to the harsh elements of summer, including extreme heat from the sun, frizz from humidity, and mineral deposits from swimming in the ocean or chlorinated pools, a receipt for dried out color!Blonde hair can appear dull or brassy while brunettes and reds look washed out and watery. This also affects the appearance of your complexion.If your color looks brassy, too red or copper, your complexion can appear flushed. If your color is dull or faded a shade lighter than your complexion, it can make your skin appear sallow which will make you look washed out and tired.

A great short-term solution to keep hair color vibrant is a mini-lift or glaze. These services take about 10 minutes each and can be done at the shampoo bowl.A mini-lift will slightly lighten your natural outgrowth and blend existing highlights.Glazing will neutralize brassiness, refresh your tone and add shine. There are many great glaze products available for refreshing your color at home, such as semi-permanent colors. However, I would not recommend doing a mini-lift at home as it can require precise application and timing; speak your stylist.

For those of you, who love swimming, tend to use a lot of styling products or just want to give your hair a thorough cleanse, I recommend a clarifying shampoo.It will clean and remove mineral deposits and product build up.

To help combat dry and frizzy conditions, I always recommend clients towel dry hair before applying conditioner; this is so the conditioner doesn’t dilute and is able to penetrate your hair, thus maintaining moisture and longevity. If your hair is feeling particularly dry, I really like to use a heavy cream moisturizing mask.This is applied to towel dried hair; for maximum results cover with a plastic cap and leave for 30 minutes.Be sure to follow up with a leave-in conditioner; this will protect from heat styling and environmental damage.


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