The Dollar Store delivers on cleaning products

I had to replenish my cleaning supplies this week and while vinegar works for washing the floor and other cleaning chores (see my blog all about cleaning with vinegar here), I needed to get some other basic supplies. I decided to check out the Dollar Store and see what I could cross of my list there. As it turned out, I took care of the entire list, and saved almost $20. You have to be willing to go generic or unknown-brand, yet I was surprised to find Lysol brand toilet cleaner for $1.  I know that I could also save if I buy in bulk, or go to Sam’s Club type store, but I was in a hurry so needed to hit the closest, cheapest store. Here is the run down of what I got, and what I approximately saved (if purchased the same-size item at my local Wal-Mart) – remember, everything on the list cost $1:

  • 2-pack of scrub sponges (equal to Scotch Brite brand which costs $.96 for a 1-pack) = $1 savings
  • (1) Bath and tile eraser sponge (compare to Magic Eraser which is $3.47 for a 2-count) = $.70 savings
  • Carpet Cleaner (compare to Spot Shot which costs $7.29) = $6 savings
  • Furniture Polish (compare to Pledge which costs $3.29) = $2 savings
  • Lysol toilet cleaner (costs $1.97 at other stores) = $.90 savings
  • Glass Cleaner (compare to Windex which costs $2.29) = $1 savings
  • Oxygen Clean (compare to Oxi Clean stain remover which costs $6.99 – I use for laundry) = $6 savings
  • All purpose cleaner (compare to Fantastic which costs $2.89) = $1.50 savings

Dollar Store cost for all items: $8

Regular store cost for similar items (approximate): $28.34

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