Guilty Pleasure

I’ve told you all time and time again not to cut your bangs! But, who am I to tell you how to care for your hair. Alright I surrender!!! Essential dos and don’ts to home bang care…

Keep the scotch tape far away from your bangs!!! This is one wife’s tail you should ignore at all costs! Taping your bangs down will push them much further down your forehead than they would naturally fall. After you remove the tape they will spring up about 2 inches shorter than expected.

Leave the blunt edges to the professionals, cutting a perfectly straight blunt line on yourself is nearly impossible and you may just end up looking like a little kid who got a hold of the kitchen scissors.

Holding the hair between your fingers is never a good idea, you’ll never be sure of the end results. By holding the hair between your fingers it creates tension in some areas. Therefore when releasing the hair you are left with a jagged line.

Avoid unnecessary separation and the “stringy” look by making sure don’t over elevate the hair to far away from the forehead. A common mistake when utilizing a comb.

For a soft pretty feminine look, always stick to the tried and true techniques of “self-bang trimming.” Using little scissors if possible, comb bangs to natural fall and using a comb to hold the bangs in place, gently point cut into hair line. (Point cutting- take your scissors and point them up vertically into your bang and snip small bits of hair continually moving your scissor blade across the width of the bang.) Keep it simple and focus on just getting them out of your eyes until you make it to your next salon appointment.

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