Easy Butterfly Costume for Halloween

As a kid I remember loving Halloween even more than I loved Christmas. My mom and I would spend time developing my costume, I was an angel my first Halloween, notice the aluminum foil wings…

and then it was all downhill from there, the lion from the wizard of oz, a witch, and for a few years in a row, a gypsy or a pirate, mostly because my mom could plunder her own closet bootie to pull together the costume.

Lets face it. We are all super busy and as much as we would all love to create the most kick a** costumes for our kids, running to the store and picking up the Toy Story 3 costume complete with plastic mask and coordinating smock, sounds like the right idea.

But if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, trust me that is all it takes, you can create this butterfly homemade costume. Your kid will love it and you will feel great because you made it yourself!

Materials Needed:

– Utility knife

– Phillips head screwdriver

– Hot Glue Gun

– 1/2″ Clear Corrogated plastic (or foam core)

– 1/2″ Elastic (to hold the wings on)

– Tulle

– Headband

– “Bump” style Chenille pipe cleaners


– Pom poms

– Silk flowers

How to:

1. Create a butterfly form out of a large piece of construction paper. Fold the paper in half and trace one wing, then cut it out. Unfold it and you have the perfect butterfly shape

2. Lay this pattern over your sheet of corrugated plastic and trace it

3. Use the x-acto or utility knife to trace it.

4. Create four holes inside the center of the butterfly, two roughly where the shoulders are on your kid and two where the armpits are

5. Push one piece of elastic through the shoulder hole, tie it on the back, and push the other side through the armpit hole

6. Repeat for the other arm

7. Decorate the wings however you’d like. I like to put tulle along the edges and pom poms inside. The glue gun is perfect for adding these touches.

For the Antennae:

1. Using “bump” style chenille pipe cleaners attach two to the headband so they they stick up long

2. Use the hot glue gun and attach a little tulle or pom poms to the edges!

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