Sibling dogs – good idea?

Dear Pet Lovers:

My family really wants to get a puppy and I am actually contemplating getting two puppies at the same time so they will have a playmate. Siblings sound like a good idea – what do you think? Am I crazy?



Dear Mary:

Two puppies at the same time can be a good idea but remember – it is twice the work! Picture bringing home twin babies who are instantly mobile, don’t wear diapers, and chew. What about sibling dogs? You would think it would be a good idea but actually experts recommend against it. Why? There is a likelihood that the dogs will bond more strongly to each other than you, the owner, which can mean trouble when it comes to training. In addition, they are more likely to feed off of unwanted behaviors and bad habits from siblings.

There are of course many pros to getting two pups – companionship being the biggest one. If you are firmly set on getting two pups, make sure you get them from different sources, and experts suggest getting one at a time. Also, it is often easier to add an animal of the opposite gender to a household that already contains a pet. And always, never act on impulse when adopting a pet or pets – it is a lifelong commitment!

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