Turn your Kid into a Mummy this Halloween!

There is nothing spookier than the undead. So why not go for a costume that is genuinely creepy…A MUMMY!

Materials Needed:

– white long johns, whatever your kid will be most comfortable in

– white queen sized cotton sheet or 2 cotton fabric

– safety pins


1. Tear the sheet into long strips about 2″ wide. The more frayed the edges the better

2. Start with the arms, pin the end of the first strip to the inside of the shoulder of the shirt and wrap it around and down the arms. Make sure to cover the hands like a boxer would wrap theirs.

3. When you finish with one strip, tuck the next strip under the first one and continue wrapping. For extra security you could pin or tie the two together.

3. Continue with the other arm

4. Pin the end of the fabric to the inside front of the shirt and begin to wrap the chest

5. Pin the end of a strip the waistband of the pants and wrap down both legs.

6. Also wrap the head, make sure that you leave plenty of space for your kid to see!

7. Tie any leftover strips so that they are loose and hang off the mummy for extra spookiness!

It’s a Wrap!

Here is my step-by-step tutorial!

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