Flower Power this Halloween!

Who doesn’t love a flower? I’ve certainly never met one that I didn’t like. So how about creating this easy peasy costume for your chickadee!

Materials Needed:

– Plastic terracotta Style pot (wide enough to fit comfortably around your kids hips and legs)

– Utility Knife

– Xacto Knife

– Hot glue gun

– Scissors

– Plastic “grass” from green pom poms

– Suspenders

– 1/2″ foam core

– Colored construction paper

– Spray mount

– 1/2″ ribbon to coordinate

– Wide headband

– Pipe cleaners

How To:

1. Cut out the bottom of the pot

2. Cut the green grass from the pom poms

3. Using a glue gun glue the grass to the inside of the terracotta pot

4. Flip the grass over the pot and trim the grass to the desired length

5. Create 4 holes in the rim of the pot, these should be wide enough to fit the clips of the suspenders in them

6. Clip the suspenders in, this will hold the pot suspended around your kids waist

For The “Flower”

1. Cut out petal sized shapes out of construction paper, choose any color you would like.

2. Overlap them like flower petals nad glue them to the foam core, using spray mount

3. Continue until you have a nicely shaped flower that is LARGER than the head of your child

4. Using your x-acto blade cut around your flower

5. Next measure an oval opening that is large enough for your kids face and cut it out of the center of the flower using your x-acto blade

6. Trim this opening with the ribbon using the glue gun to adhere it.

7. Do the same thing to the outside edge of your flower

8. Grab your headband and wrap 3 lengths of pipe cleaners around them, leaving a them long

9. Push the pipe cleaners through the inside top edge of the opening for your kids face, this will attach the headband to the inside of the opening in the flower.

You’re done!

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