Cute Bunch O’Grapes Halloween Costume

Maybe it’s those fruit of the loom guys, but I have always wanted to be a piece of fruit for Halloween and if I had to choose one, I would choose… GRAPES!

Materials Needed:

– 30-40 purple baloons

– safety pins

– purple sweatsuit

– brown pipe cleaners

-purple hat

– green silk leaves from craft store


1. Have your kid dress in a purple matching sweat suit, you can choose green if you plan to make green grapes!

2. Inflate and tie 30-40 purple baloons, use a balloon pump to make it easier on your lungs.

3. Starting at your kids shoulders begin to pin the balloons on to the sweatshirt. Putting the larger balloons towards the top.

4. Continue pinning the ballons down the sweatshirt

5. Pin a few to your kids legs just to finish off the look!

For the Hat

1. Curl a few brown pipe cleaners around your finger, these make PERFECT vines. Pin these to the outside of the hat

2. Pin a few green silk leaves to that hat as well!

Voila, isn’t that grape?

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