From the Runway to the Real World!

Another great season for New York Fashion Week!! Spring 2012’s muse was natural, simple hair styles that are easy to replicate. Here is a glimpse of some of the shows we worked on backstage and how to recreate these runway looks from the comfort of your own home.

TADASHI Shoji- Bohemian Chic

Inspiration: To compliment the elegance of Tadashi we went with loose waves with a touch of 70s Boho chic using a fishtail braid as a hair accessory.

How to recreate this look at home: Start blow drying the hair with a round brush to create volume. Once the hair is dry spray some Redken 12 Fashion Works hairspray all over and taking large sections of hair, curl with a 1’’ curling iron. Finish the whole head and rake your fingers loosely through the hair to break up the curls for a natural texture.

Define a side part and create two fishtail braids starting from the front braiding towards the back. Join the two braids together at center back and pin.


Inspiration: Super model Jerry Hall modernized to today’s woman.

How to recreate this look at home: Create a side part (on whichever side works best on you) and parting to the back of the ear and section off.Pull the remaining hair back into a low sitting pony tail at the bottom of the neck. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your newly created pony tail to conceal the elastic band. Next, take small sections of hair and spray with hair spray. Begin curling with a 1’’ curling iron making sure all the hair is going in the same direction.

Move onto the front side part section you have left out and begin curling away from the face with your 1’’ curling iron, taking medium sized vertical sections. Make sure the curls are going in the same direction away from the face. After the hair cools, brush out for a soft wave effect.Finish, with Cutler Shine Tattoo for an added shimmer.

VIVIENNE TAM- Classic Chignon

Inspiration: Japanese Garden- The designer wanted the hair to reflect the clothing; classic, simple and natural.

How to recreate this look at home: Spray Redken Radiant Sea Spray onto damp hair and roughly dry in. Create a deep side part and bring hair back into a low sitting pony tail at the center of the nape.

Make sure the hair loosely drapes over the ears. Twist the ends of the pony tail into a loose bun and pin with bobby pins/hair pins. Loosely stretch the bun apart for added texture and airiness. Use Cutler Molding putty for a matte finish softly roughing up the hairline and finish with Redken 23 Forcefull hairspray.

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