Beating Winter Frizz

When it comes to frizzy hair winter presents its own set of

challenges! Frizzy hair is caused when the moisture and natural oils in hair is

removed. This leaves hair strands coarse and dry making it easier for hair to

look frizzy. Many things can cause frizzy hair, weather elements; humidity in

the summer or dryness in the winter, over use of hair products, over processed

damaged colored hair and over use of heat appliances which causes both the

outer layer and inner layer of the hair shaft to affect the hairs appearance.

When you shower the warmth of the water opens up the cuticle, which

allows water into the hair shaft. However when you get out of the shower your

cuticle remain open until the hair cools, to allow excess water out. If you

rub a coarse towel over your hair you can cause damage to the exposed cuticle.

The texture of a towel is rougher than your hair, making it easy to damage your


The best way to prevent frizz and optimize smoothness is to follow

these key steps.

1. While in the shower, detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb. Make sure you are combing through your locks while you have conditioner in your hair.  This will ensure you leave the conditioner on your hair long enough and the conditioner will act as a barrier of protection reducing unnecessary breakage.

2. Always use a nozzle on your blow dryer this will direct the air in the right place.

3. Make sure you blow dry from roots to ends, even if only rough drying. This will seal the cuticle helping smooth the hair.

4. Use a brush with boar bristles, it will provide better tension making it easier to smooth out the hair.

5. Allow hair to cool on the brush with either natural air or if you have a cool shot button on your blow dryer. This will help seal in the blow dry and prevent frizz.

6. If you don’t plan on wetting your hair in the morning, wrap your hair in a loose high sitting bun. Make sure the hair is all going in the same direction so when you sleep the hair cuticle isn’t roughed up potentially creating damage to the hair by tossing and turning.

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