Toaster or toaster oven?

My friend’s toaster broke, and she is taking an informal poll of friends as to what she should buy next – traditional toaster or toaster oven? She discovered that people have pretty strong opinions on the subject, as people tend to have on items they use daily.

I grew up in a toaster house. Four slices only. I remember a lot time spent narrowly escaping electrocution while shoving a butter knife in one of the slots to release a too-fat bagel. When I met my husband, he was firmly in the toaster oven camp, and he was there to stay. A toaster oven, he professed, was so much more versatile than a regular toaster. Not only does it toast items of all widths with no risk of electrocution, but it bakes, reheats, broils. Who needs an oven? I was a convert. We seem to replace it every five or so years and I periodically take out and clean the crumb tray and shake out the appliance over the sink to get rid of anything left in the bottom. In addition to toasting waffles, bagels, and bread daily, I regularly save on turning on my oven and use it to reheat pizza and leftovers, warm bread, even bake potatoes.

So what do you think? Should she get a toaster or toaster oven?

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